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Our possibilities to carry out all the processes in the best way within our own structure and to present our customers' changing demands in the fastest and most innovative way make us stand out in your preference

The aim of our company is to produce artificial leather at the maximum level by adding and developing new products without sacrificing quality in the existing product range in line with the demands of our customers

To reach the size of our goals thanks to our corporate work without disturbing our reliable and preferred service quality. To provide the best service by protecting our human resources, environment and nature

To create accurate and reliable investment opportunities for investors and to provide more production and more employment. To reach unconditional customer satisfaction at every stage of the services we offer

About our company

Reliable artificial leather
Product provider

Politeks started its production life in Osmaniye in 1997. our factory produce in an open area of 17500 meters and a closed area of 5500 meters

  • Unlimited color options
  • On-time delivery
  • Eco-friendly
  • Development with R&D

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Suni Deri


Suni Deri


Suni Deri


Suni Deri


Suni Deri


Suni Deri


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Constantly Asked Questions

Artificial leather was first used in China 1400 years ago. The Chinese made umbrellas out of cloth dipped in wax. This application is accepted as the first example of today's artificial leather

Flexibility and Strength ?

Artificial leather is a product with long-term durability. It is resistant to scratches and abrasions that can ruin real leather. It is not prone to breakage and peeling like leather. It does not fade easily in the face of UV rays and is resistant to staining

Color Sensitivity to Friction ?

Artificial leather has been modified and developed with various grains, colors and patterns to achieve the quality and visual resemblance of real leather, and there is not much loss of color against friction

Step Test ?

Thanks to the step test we perform in production, we produce higher quality products for our customers by subjecting our products to durability and bending tests

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